Social justice networks

Would you like to join a  network of people who support each other, to build social justice?

Find out about the latest network events here!

Social justice occurs where everyone has the capability to achieve their potential. A social justice network is a group of people that support each other to fulfil our creative potential as individuals, groups and communities. I’m looking for people to help explore the idea that we can build social justice simply by supporting each other. I’m particularly keen to help people create their own peer support networks and to help people help each other.

There’s no minimum commitment involved, simply a willingness to engage with your own creative potential and to explore ways we can build our capability by supporting others to build theirs. There’s no joining form or registration fee, just let me know you’re interested and I will send you all the information you need to get started. If you would like to tell me a bit about yourself and what you are hoping to achieve, it’ll will help me make sure you get the most appropriate information.

Here’s a bit more info:

Building social justice is a universal process that makes no distinction between, for example service users and service providers. It is not something some of us do to others but something we build together. It is fundamentally a creative process but we are not all artists, everyone has a part to play and each of us has a unique contribution to make.

I’d like to see a wide variety of self-organised networks for people working across industries, whether receiving or delivering services, whether working locally, nationally or internationally – the more people that engage the easier it will be to help people help each other. To help facilitate this I will be making myself available both on line and in person, facilitating regular network events, sharing our news and using anything people contribute to help people work together.

Starting this May I will be working with art + power (as part of the Arts Council England, lottery funded ‘Creative Development Programme), to set over 300 creative challenges that will help us take small, incremental steps toward our long term goals. Each creative challenge will provide the focus for a network event including a monthly peer support forum for partners and policy makers. Each forum will provide an opportunity for people to build social justice and develop individual and collaborative projects. We will explore a creative challenge based on a key question related to social justice . There will also be plenty of opportunities for networking and peer support so that people can get feedback and support for their projects and find people to work with.

The forums and people’s responses to them will also be shared on line so that people can use them to inspire their own work, wherever they live. I’m particularly looking for stories, case studies and tools – anything that works for you and may work for others. Here are some of the questions we’ll be exploring:

  • How can we develop strategic approaches to creative development?
  • How can we develop creative solutions to social problems?
  • How can we build more capable communities?
  • What is a development organisation?
  • What are the conditions for creative development?
  • How can we build more creative, inclusive and sustainable communities?
  • How can we make the most of the experience in our communities?
  • How can public spaces build social justice?
  • How can we enable others to learn from our experience?

It will be totally up to you what you choose to do and who you work with but I do hope you will choose to join in and share what you learn to help inspire and support more people to build social justice together.

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