A sustainable creative development plan

Today’s creative challenges is to explore sustainable development and put together a one page plan for your work.

What is development?

In my opinion, development is about moving towards something, the process of fulfilling our unique potential, it is about making the most of what we have and who we are. Development  involves some sense of progress, toward some long-term goal. I also think development involves engaging with uncertainty and vulnerability, for me it’s about curiosity and a sense of wonder. Development must be different for each of us –  it involves discovering who we are we and how we engage with others.

Creative challenges help us engage with our creative potential, they keep us ‘in development.’ After a while though we will want to do more and the next step is to start working on a plan that can ensure our development is more sustainable.

What is sustainable development?

The definition I use most is: ‘Making the best use of resources to achieve long term goals without damaging the development of others, including future generations’. So, we need to start thinking about our goal. You may well not know what your goal is, this is perfectly natural.  It’s OK not to know, in fact finding out what you want to do is a key part of the on-going development process.
It can help to understand this process of finding out what you want to do by thinking about marketing. The visible outputs of marketing: the confident statements about a group’s offer, actually represent a tiny fraction of the real work of marketing  which, for me, is largely about thinking and planning.

Marketing involves finding out what you want to do and considering how what you want to do connects with what others are looking for. (People using art + power’s Creative Development Programme can apply some of the principles of marketing to your own development by following a ‘Marketing and Sustainable Planning’ pathway, find out more by contacting: creative challenges@artandpower.org.uk).
Marketing and sustainable development can be an extraordinarily thorough and detailed process but to be effective it needs to be boiled down to some simple understandable statements and crucially a simple plan.

What is in your sustainable development plan?

The tools you use to produce your plan must make sense to you. They can be as complex and detailed as you like but the important thing is being able to use your plan simply and effectively. You might like to think about the following to get started.
My Profile – one or two statements about your work and what you’re trying to achieve
Action Plan   My goal – what I hope to achieve   My project – What I am working on now   My next action – What I’m going to do next
Achievements   What I’ve done    What I’m Looking for from others    What I can offer to others

Remember, this is a process, don’t set it in stone, use it as practical launch pad towards sustainable creative development.

Don’t forget to let me know how you get on.


About Arts in Development

I am a specialist in creative development with 30+ years' experience supporting people to improve their lives and communities. Arts in Development is an invitation to explore our creative potential and build our capabilities together.
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