Creativity is the key to social justice.

Social justice occurs where everyone has the capability to fulfil their potential. Acquiring capabilities is a creative process that that is best acquired through collaboration. We build social justice when we support each other to build our creative capabilities.

Building social justice – ensuring equality of opportunity – should be the central task of any progressive society. Unfortunately not only is the equality gap widening but many attempted solutions actually increase dependency. This waste of human potential is one of the most depressing and unnecessary features of modern life.

Fortunately, it does not have to be this way, we can all help to tackle this crisis of opportunity, simply by supporting each other to build social justice. We all benefit from increasing social justice and every one of us has a unique and important contribution to make.

art + power’s universal Creative Development Programme (CDP) brings people together to explore how we can help each other to fulfil our creative potential. It is a network of people that build our capabilities by supporting each other. It is a free and open programme for anyone that shares our commitment to creativity and social justice.

To join just participate in your own creative development and support others to do the same. Taking part can be as simple as sharing your progress. Anything you share will be used to create more inspiring resources for personal development and creative collaboration.

My personal project is to produce a new publication: ‘A Guide to Creative Capability Development’ so I’m particularly looking for examples of inspiring projects, that can provide tools, case studies and examples. We will also be producing a wide range of other resources and would love to hear your stories, creative challenges and project opportunities.

Everything we do can build creative capability and social justice – all we need to do is support each other to participate in our long-term creative development. Why not get involved today?

Just reply below or contact me at / @artsdevelopment
I look forward to hearing from you.


About Arts in Development

I am a specialist in creative development with 30+ years' experience supporting people to improve their lives and communities. Arts in Development is an invitation to explore our creative potential and build our capabilities together.
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