A few thoughts on walks and development.

Last week, I sent out an open invitation to join a community in development. One of my goals for this community is to find a way to share things early – while they are still in development. So here are a few early thoughts on walks and development, hopefully you will find within them some seeds for your own development.

  • Walks bring us into development, into an appreciation of this moment…
  • The things I am reaching for will always exist beyond the reach of language.
  • Development defies definition – I can describe lots of its features and even the kind of development I am interested in  but the thing itself eludes me – the closest I can come to it is to say it is the art of living.  I think this is not a thing but an experience, an attitude, an approach…
  • Development is a walk, we can approach it, but we cannot acquire it, tie it down or achieve it, there will always be room for more development.
  • The fact that something is beyond our articulation actually makes it more inclusive, and universal, more human.
  • Maggie O’Neill discusses how walking can break through power relations in this insightful walk.
  • This is our moment – the moment that brings us all together.  Young and old, rich and poor, black and white –  we all share in this moment. This moment finds us all at different points on our journey (with different experiences and capabilities)  and not one of us is perfect, but that’s OK, it is being alive as we are now, together that makes this moment so momentous…
  • “With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world”.
  • I’m looking forward to talking to Patrick Nolan about how practical tasks (like walking) can bring together people with different ideological frameworks (more on this and his fascinating initiative soon).
  • Emma wrote this beautiful response to my starting points piece describing a moment that was a starting point for her that was beyond thinking:

“Your starting points piece has really got me thinking, they are integral and yet with my current artistic path looking at mental health I only realised it by reading your blog.

It was an improvisation performance that really surprised me ….. I just talked and moved and what came out was all about my mental health issues nothing I had ever placed so directly out in the open. I remember people crying afterwards, but I don’t really remember what I said or how my body moved. In improvisation for me its meditation gestures of awareness as opposed to thinking. If you stop to think you cut off your senses, and that is what is at work when you undertake to work in the moment. An embodiment that you nod to with awareness and recognition as the journey for that moment.

I had completely forgotten about this improvisation performance until your blog and it dawned on me that was mine for my current path.”

  • I came across this  quote from Dean Inge in my notebook some 35 years ago:  “…these experiences which rather possess (us) than are possessed by (us) are in their nature as transient as the glories of a sunset… language, which was not made for such purposes fails lamentably to reproduce even their pale reflection” 
  • life, where it is not exhausted, in incapable of stagnation” Keyserling (in the same notebook)
  • In praise of the lost art of development.

We are all in development, development is inevitable , the choice we have to make is how we will develop. I seek to facilitate the authentic creative development that comes from a creative alignment between ourselves, others and the world (strategic approaches to creative development). If you like my approach please consider joining  our community in development or join me for a walk.

Thanks for your support.

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