What is your development framework?

Our development framework is our understanding of ourselves, other people and the wider world (these three concepts are interdependent and can only be fully understood together).

We all have a development framework. It is informed by everything we have done and it informs everything we do.  Over time the moments we experience build up into our sense of self and our attitudes towards other people and the wider world.

If we are not careful and conscious these aggregations can become solidified into negative attitudes towards ourselves and others which can become arrogance and disdain  and ultimately structure our society in terms of dependency and oppression. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

A walk in development can  help us choose the moments that matter to us, align our development and choose our steps carefully, consciously and creatively.

At Arts in Development we seek to build a development framework that minimises the negative impact of our actions on others and the wider world and fosters a positive, mutual development in which everyone contributes and all of us benefit.

Having a development framework is also a powerful tool for sustainable social change because it helps put every moment into the context of our long-term development as individuals, organisations and communities.


Entry points
Contact me
if you – or your team – would like to experience  a walk in development and get some support to build your own development framework.

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