Who do we want to be?

This week we start a rolling programme of creative development, where every contribution counts towards our long-term development. Our development cycle repeats (at various levels) every day / week / month / quarter / year so we can start at any time and engage whenever suits us. Each week we focus on a specific element of a comprehensive development resource.

This is Our Moment is a resource to facilitate increasingly strategic approaches to creative development. It organises every aspect of our creative development and keeps growing and improving as we use it. 

We build our resource using a set of simple questions that all flow from (and inform) our understanding of who we want to be. Each question focusses on a specific element of the resource. Together they map out how everything can contribute to our creative development whilst also benefitting other people and the wider world. 

We start by exploring the central question of all creative development: who do we want to be?

The central question of development is: ‘who do we want to be?’ Ultimately, all our creative development flows from and feeds into our understanding of this question. This is a life-long process, which, if we work at it, becomes increasingly clear over time. 

Our responses are unique, there is no judgement, comparison or pretence involved, it is simply about understanding and accepting who we are, in this moment.  This honest look at ourselves is the starting point for our resource and all our creative development. 

We can use the natural flow of a ‘walk*’ to explore this question in three phases:

On the way, we reflect on why this is our moment to focus on our creative development and how we can build the resources we need to be ourselves. 

Next Steps:

  • Create a reminder of moments that help us be who we want to be.
  • Collect resources we can draw on to aid our development.
  • Organise our resources into the things we want to explore (our research book); the things we do (our practice manual); how we will keep going (our sustainability plan)
  • Identify our next step.

*To get the most from the programme you can order a Walks in Development map or book a Walk in Development (currently being delivered virtually over social media) from david@artsdevelopment.org.uk . Better still, why not subscribe @ Patreon.com/walks and get a personalised programme tailored specifically to you, your group, or community?

 #ThisIsOurMoment #OurResource 

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