Every moment matters

Every moment brings
a seed of development, 
an invitation to collaborate and an opportunity to build a better world. 

Arts in development

Moments are the medium, the method and the goal of creative development.  

All our experience is made of moments. All development occurs in a moment. We experience the richness and quality of life through moments. Every moment carries echoes of the past and intimations of the future.

 Moments are the fundamental resources we need to be our selves. They are the building blocks of all creative development. They remind us who we want to be and help us find meaning in our lives and connection – with others and the wider world.

Understanding the moments we experience can make it more likely that we will have high quality moments in the future. 

We build our resource by recalling and sharing significant moments. (It is, for example, much more productive and helpful to share moments from a meeting or conversation than detailed minutes).

The goal of all creative development is to facilitate moments of quality (make them more not less likely to occur).

Next steps:

  • Start building our resource by recalling significant moments in the past and continue by noticing and recording moments as they occur.
  • Look out for moments that matter to the people around us and share reminders.
  • Consider how we can make it easier for people to experience more moments of quality.  

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