Creative development is a distinct paradigm with its own set of values, concepts and processes that are often at odds with modern social norms. 

There is nothing new about creative development,  it is a natural and intuitive process, however it does question many popular assumptions about what we value and how we interact with each other. 

At its heart, creative development is about the quality of our lives and the moments we experience (rather than the quantity of our material possessions). In contrast to certainty, competition and disposability, creative development focusses on creativity, collaboration and sustainability.

Creative development  operates on the understanding that our fortunes are entwined, that it is impossible to isolate any one of us from each other or from the society that shapes us – and that we all help to shape. 

Creative development does not seek to avoid the uncertainty that is an inevitable consequence of our interconnection  but invites us to engage with uncertainty – to question, listen, explore – and be open to what follows. 

Creativity is about what we don’t know. Surely, the cost of man’s arrogance can no longer be tolerated? Now is the time for those who don’t know. This is our moment to be in development and adopt more creative, collaborative and sustainable approaches.  

Creative development is a universal and collaborative process. It is not achieved at the expense of others.  We do not compete for scarce resources rather we seek the positive mutual development in which we all benefit from each other’s creative development.  I suggest that it is only this positive, mutual development that can ultimately break the ongoing cycle of poverty, inequality, injustice and dependence.

Creative development is a strategic paradigm, it is about making the best use of all our resources to achieve our long term goals. It’s not just plastics we throw away, unfortunately, too many of our social interactions – our projects, events, courses and programmes – are arranged without sufficient regard for diversity and sustainability.  In contrast, strategic approaches to creative development ensure that everything we do takes place in the context of our long-term development as individuals, groups and communities.

Creative development is a robust and coherent paradigm in which all our motives and actions are derived from the same source – a shared recognition that the quality in our lives emerges from a creative alignment with each other and the wider world. 

Creative development invites us not to take things for granted but to engage with and explore fundamental questions like who do we want to be?  and ‘what do we want to achieve?’ 

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Next Steps:

  • Take a moment to stop, open up and notice our connection with each other and the wider world
  • Reflect on when we feel most ourselves and how we can allow creative development to occur..
  • Consider how we can interact with others so we can all be ourselves.
  • Analyse how our development can benefit others and the wider world. 

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