What will we explore?

Research helps to to keep us open and in development, it helps us guide and organise our creative development.

We can use the natural flow of a walk to consider ‘what do we want to explore?’ in three phases:

  • Phase one: Research: Who are we?
  • Phase two: Practice: How will we interact?
  • Phase three: Plan: What impact will we have?

Along the way we explore what it means to be in development, how we build research into our practice and how we can organise ourselves (or our group) so that we can keep going.

This helps us create a research book with three parts: a notepad, development guide and our organisation.

Our Next Steps:

  • Start collecting the things that make us who we are
  • Reflect on how we can learn from our experience
  • Make notes on how we can organise and share our learning

#ThisIsOurMoment #OurResource #OurResearchBook

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