Creative development

Creative development is a distinct paradigm with its own set of values, concepts and processes. There is nothing new about creative development, it is a natural and intuitive process, unlike much of modern society. Creative development is about the quality of our lives and the moments we experience (not just the quantity of our material possessions). In contrast to certainty, competition and disposability, creative development focusses on creativity, collaboration and connection.

Creative is about what we don’t know. Our fortunes are entwined, it is impossible to isolate any one of us from each other or from the society that shapes us – and that we all help to shape. Creative development invites us to engage with uncertainty and be open to each other, open to question and learn, open to change and possibility.

Creative development is a collaborative process. It is not achieved at the expense of others. Rather than compete for scarce resources, we seek the positive mutual development in which we all benefit from each other’s creative development. Only this positive, mutual development can break the cycle of poverty, inequality, injustice and dependence.

Creative development is a strategic paradigm, it values our connection and seeks to enhance our resources rather than exhaust them. It is impossible to isolate any one of us from each other or from the society that shapes us – and that we all help to shape. Unfortunately, like the plastics we throw away, many of our social interactions are short-term and disconnected. In contrast, with creative development every moment takes place in the context of our long-term development.

Creative development is the art of being ourselves and seeking the quality that emerges from our alignment with each other and the wider world. It is an invitation to explore together fundamental questions like who do we want to be? and what kind of world do we want to live in?

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