Still in development – and still walking

I am now offering virtual walks in development – walks we can do from isolation.

We take some time to focus on our creative development and support each other through the same process that happens on a walk but we don’t even need to leave our house. 

It’s very simple, we each stay in our own space but imagine we are walking together. During the virtual walk I send through some simple prompts and we share moments that occur to us through WhatsApp (or your preferred alternative).

After the walk I can support you to build your own creative development resource and show you how you can contribute to a collaborative resource that help us all focus on our long-term development. 

If you’d like to try it out just contact me to arrange a time, let me know how long you want to spend on your virtual walk, whether or not you want to invite others and if there is something specific you want to focus on and I’ll walk you through it. 

Our creative development resource

This is our moment is a universal creative development resource. It introduces a simple, shared process that helps us all become more creative, collaborative and sustainable.  This involves, understanding the resources we need to be ourselves and seeking to build these resources together. 

We each use the unique moments we experience to create our own guide through the life-long process of discovery and development. Together, we support each other to be our true creative selves and build a better world – moment by moment.

Contact me if you’d like to support to create your own resource.

Please share

Creative Development is the art of being ourselves, for which we need each other, particularly in difficult times.

Here is a simple way we can support each other – please share anything in development i.e. anything that is (a) positive and (b) helps us learn from our experience. Every contribution can help us build our development resources. I’d particularly like to hear about the moments you experience in your development.

It doesn’t have to be finished and polished,  if you’re brave enough to share early, please do so, – I’d love to see anything ‘in-development’ and remember I am here to to help you through the development process. After all, sometimes all we need is someone to walk alongside us. 

In the spirit of sharing early, here are a few thoughts about this moment in our development…

This moment is all we have

This is our moment
It is all we have
All we will ever have
There is nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
We can’t wait it out
It is with us always
We can’t access any other moment
The past and the future are both out of bounds
Beyond reach and responsibility
But this moment is ever-present
Inviting or demanding
That we engage
On its terms only
An invitation, an opportunity, 
A challenge, or a crisis
It’s terms
Are non-negotiable
This is our moment.

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